English Summer Camp

Be Part of the International summer camp, Adventure of a Lifetime – 7 Reasons Your Children Should Participate in an English Language Summer Camp.

Our amazing international summer camps offer a once in a lifetime experience for young people from around the world, giving them the chance to explore wonderful locations, take part in engaging activities and develop those all-important English skills for a vital step up in later life.

With camps in Cyprus, Spain and Portugal, we’ve distilled everything that each of these exciting locations have to offer into a tidy 7 reasons.

1. Interacting with a diverse group of people.

Our summer camps for teenagers are designed with young people in mind and are limited to students between 11-17 years old, but we accept entrants from around the world, with the firm belief that any child can grow and gain confidence when surrounded by their peers.

Our groups consist of students from diverse backgrounds, all united by our quest to spread English fluency, with a maximum of 15 pupils per class guaranteeing that your child gets the attention and assistance they deserve.

Aside from learning about the history and culture of our English summer camps’ exciting locations, this diversity means that your children will potentially interact with students from a range of other cultures as well, making the vast and mysterious big wide world (as children often see it) that bit smaller and more fascinating.

2. Picking up essential English skills.

International summer camp has become a vital tool for global communication: it’s the most widely spoken language in the world when factoring in second language speakers, which by the way, now massively outnumber native speakers.

What this means for the English language, we’re not sure yet, but what we can say is that the sectors of global finance, science and education all take for granted this vast number of competent English speakers, not to mention the number of interactions which rely on English as a lingua-franca.

By developing your child’s English skills (in fifteen fascinating lessons in the classroom, and various activities and means of practising outside of it), the door to a world of top universities, lucrative new jobs and exciting opportunities becomes open to them where previously it may have been closed.

3. Taking part in phenomenal activities.

So what about those outside of the classroom activities? We wouldn’t expect your child to attend an adventure summer camp that didn’t feature at least an aspect of adventure, and we believe that the many exciting activities they’ll be participating in are an essential supplement to improving your child’s English skills outside of classroom learning.  

All our activities are designed with the English language in mind, from supervised quests through beautiful cities (where each puzzle that propels the adventure forward is written in English), to boat trips, scavenger hunts, archery, abseiling. We naturally encourage students to communicate in English whilst participating in such adventures, a necessity within our diverse groups of students.

If you want to know exactly what your children will be up to at our summer camps, then pick a destination from the options on our website, and you’ll be able to view a complete itinerary, though you should know that activities may vary depending on the location and any potentially unforeseen circumstances. While we love to encourage our pupils to try new things, safety remains our absolute top priority.

4. Visiting fascinating places.

Question number two – where will such brilliant activities take place? Each of our spacious living quarters are located near to our classrooms, in modern, purpose built facilities (including the student halls of the renowned University of Porto) but our adventures extend well beyond campus limits.

From Porto’s historic old city, to the roman heritage of Tarragona in Spain (realised in its roman amphitheatre and circus), or the frequently invaded island of Cyprus (where various cultures have forever clashed and settled on its shores), we’ll be setting off to many fascinating and beautiful places with history, architecture and natural delights abound.

5. Discovering the world around them.

One place of such natural splendour is Portugal’s Gerês national park (in fact the only national park in Portugal), a perennial adventure for our Porto based summer students. Or what about Cyprus, with its unique flora and fauna and beautiful Mediterranean climate? Or Catalonia with its stretching sandy beaches and blue seas?

These excursions won’t just help your children to unwind after a day’s learning, but hopefully gain an appreciation for our fantastic natural world, something that has never seemed more important.

We’ll be camping, hiking, and enjoying a BBQ together; we’ll be taking short supervised walks at night to see our amazing destinations from a new perspective, and all this on top of our existing activities.

6. Keeping active. 

Active kids are happy kids. Still, we know that teenagers have a bit of a reputation for kicking back and sleeping in.

With everything we have in store for them in our English summer camps, we’ll make sure that they’re staying active whenever we get the chance, whether through our planned adventures or just simple outdoor play.

Football, volleyball, badminton, water sports – we’ll have something that gets your child on their feet and guarantees a smile.

 7. Making lifelong friends.

Pen pals no more! We see firm friendships forged at our summer camps year after year, and in our ever more interconnected world they’re far more likely to continue into the future.

All our activities are organised with the development of teamwork and social skills in mind, and we hope that any student, no matter how shy, will feel comfortable coming out of their shell.

Book your child’s place now, and we’ll take care of everything else – from the accommodation and activities, to the transportation and food, with everything designed with your child’s safety and happiness in mind.

Those were just 7 reasons your child should participate in one of our English Quest camps. We could certainly go on, but summer will already be upon us by the time we’ve finished! If you do want to learn more, however, all the information you need is available right here on our website.