English Summer Camp In Spain

Explore 3 top historical sites with an international summer camp in Catalunya, Spain

From the bustling street life in Barcelona to the rich history yet to be uncovered in the Ancient Roman City, the soul of Spain can be found in its historical sites.

With such fascinating culture and enchanting beauty waiting to be explored, the campers who visit our English summer camps in Spain are sure to leave with a bucket load of Spanish knowledge! Let’s look at our top 3 historical sites our Catalunya summer campers will experience while camping with us.

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The infamous historical sites monument of Barcelona. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia has become known for its bold yet beautiful architecture and has earned its place as one of Spain’s top landmarks for tourists. Only by standing under the colossal towers of this building can you get a true sense of its beauty. Barcelona’s charming streets are filled with Gaudi’s history, so aspiring architects can fill their pockets with everything the Sagrada Familia and similar works have to offer.

Sagrada Familia Spain With English quest Camp

2. Ancient Roman City, Tarragona

Located south of Barcelona, lies the Roman City of Tarragona, bursting with culture and history. Once upon a time, Tarragona was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire, and today tourists can explore this city frozen in time. 

Within the walls of this city, historical sites explorers can witness 13 UNESCO-listed Roman remains, including the well-known Roman Amphitheatre, carved into the hillside with breathtaking views over the peaceful Spanish shores. During the Roman era, this spectacular stone structure was once used to stage gladiator contests which saw courageous warriors fighting to the death to the onlooking crowd. 

Campers can also experience the Roman Circus found here, which once served as a hippodrome, showcasing epic chariot races and theatre productions to 30,000 Roman spectators. Today, most of the circus now lies beneath the medieval city, with tunnels that once led to the stands now running beneath the city above.

Ancient Roman City, Tarragona

3. Paleolithic caves of the Espluga, Francoli, Tarragona 

One of the longest conglomerate rock caves in the world, the Paleolithic caves of the Espluga have provided scientists with invaluable evidence of how humans came to be. The underground site is home to over 100 ancient engravings thought to be up to 15,000 years old! 

Many of the artwork depicts wildlife including deer, horses and oxen, but some are too abstract and eroded for researchers to conclude a definitive answer to their work. Perhaps our future Catalunya campers can uncover the secrets of the caves and the answers to our past.

The historic sites of Catalunya stretch far and wide across the land. With so much rich history to seek our teeth into, our campers can immerse themselves in all the architectural and archaeological beauty Catalunya has to offer. Our international summer campers are guaranteed to leave us with a boat full of memories and a new appreciation for all that history can teach us about the world we live in today. Join one of the best summer camps in Spain and explore Catalunya with us!