About US

Our Teachers

All our teaching staff:

have 5 or more years language teaching experience
work with young language learners during the whole year, either at an English high school or at a University
are native speakers
have completed a university degree ( Bachelor's or Master's ) programme as language teachers


Our staff, who are involved with daily activities of the children, have been organising such programmes with active outdoor events for the last 5 years.

Be it at school campus, at the sea or on the mountains, we have the experienced instructors to make sure that our children have the SAFEST  fun and the most fulfilling experiences in a summer camp.

All members of our team finished a university program and have been working with children for over 5 years and have relevant training and experience.

As an example, our Mountain Activities team has been working with various groups in mountain activities for over 5 years with further training and work experience in other European countries.

Our instructors, apart from being well qualified and well trained in working with children in various activities,  are really fun people with interesting life experiences, thus becoming good and positive role models for our programme participants.



Our mission is to facilitate the ultimate summer experience for children from various countries.

By providing a safe, enriching environment, English Quest helps children enhance their social skills and self esteem. Our staff  instill  on our students a sense of responsibility and respect for peers, for the Earth and improve their English language skills through exciting outdoor activities.



Safety (our most favorable word !!!) and Support.

We make safety our TOP PRIORITY! We begin by forming among our students the right safety-conscious mind set. By explaining all our safety policies and teaching them how to make judgment and risk evaluation, thus making the right decision in each action they take.

All students are carefully supervised throughout the day, whether in class or during sports and activities. At night staff patrols the bedrooms and are always nearby if problems arise. We provide all the specialist equipment that is essential for our activities. We make sure that kids are completely supplied with activity equipment that conforms to British or European standards.


Personal Growth

Through the experiences that our students have in our summer camps, we help them to become more self confident, respect the fellow humans, respect the environment and especially nature’s resources, and gain a better insight into themselves.

We foster such results through:


  1. Fun atmosphere,
  2. Culture of kindness and mutual respect,
  3. Lots of personal attention from our instructors and group leaders,
  4. Maximum personal connection, due to limited use of electronic gadgets,
  5. Inspiration of team building that facilitates lasting friendships.


Fun for life

Summer should be a time when children enjoy great and exciting experiences which stay in their memories for rest of their life.

It’s an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, a time to expand own limits and feel new emotions.

When children spend time in some of the most amazing scenery near our Camp locations, being the clean sandy beaches of Mediterranean sea, the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus at 1700m over sea level, or the underground Caves in Tarragona region, they instantly feel more relaxed, refreshed and open to the wonderful world.



Our Camps are designed for young students, 11-17 years old and offer to children a unique opportunity to experience all aspects of our wonderful LOCATIONS, such as the beautiful sandy  beaches and exciting nature on high mountains!

Our programmes are focusing to increase the student’s confidence and fluency in the English language through:

The use of English in everyday situations
Conversation-based lessons
Small group per class ( max 15 students)
Continuous out of class English language practice
Tailored made lessons Testing