Discover Cyprus’ 10,000 Years History through an International Adventure Camp

The story of Cyprus is one that stretches back 10,000 years, and on our fantastic adventure camp, our pupils will be learning about the rich and fascinating history of this beautiful Mediterranean isle.

Whether it was the Egyptians of the Middle Kingdom, the Hellenistic Greeks, the Ancient Romans, or later the Byzantines, Ottomans and British, Cyprus has long drawn many different peoples to its pearl-white shores, each leaving a mark on Cypriot culture.

We’ll be exploring ancient archeological sites, visiting imposing castles and discovering the island’s myths and legends, as we chart the history of this unique destination through fantastically fun activities with English Summer Camp in Cyprus and English learning at their core.

English Summer Camp in Cyprus, Fascinating Archeological Sites

Long before the Phoenicians and Ancient Greeks arrived on the shores of Cyprus, Neolithic tribes and their crude dwellings dotted the landscape. Some of these have since been unearthed, most successfully at Choirokoitia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site thirty minutes outside Larnaca.

Within the city itself, there’s the ruins of Kition, an ancient city-kingdom from a time when Cyprus was divided into twelve. The harbor, a vital point of trade with the blossoming states of the Levant. Its temple of Aphrodite, now sunk into the earth, is said to be made from the same stone as Solomon’s Temple.

Many fascinating archeological finds from sites like these across the island have been collected in the Museum of Cyprus. In fact, it’s packed so full with artifacts that they’ve outgrown the original capacity of the museum! Located next to the medieval walls of the capital, Nicosia, it charts the island’s history from the Neolithic area to the 7th century Byzantine period.

Wondrous Myths and Legends

Speaking of the goddess of beauty, we’ll also be visiting the shore of Petra tou Romiou, the stunning rock formations from which Venus herself emerged – according to myth at least. The surrounding waters and pebbled sands are imbued with superstitions all their own. It’s just one of the beach bound trips we’ll be making as we enjoy this island’s famously sunny climate.

There’s more Greco-Roman adventure to be had at Kourion, once an ancient Greek city state which evolved into a flourishing Roman settlement. Its amphitheater remains well preserved, alongside a final standing section of the temple of Apollo, part of the ancient Roman religion.

Fantastic Medieval Monuments

Things had changed dramatically by the medieval era, and many byzantine churches and crusader’s keeps would appear on the island, evidence of its place as a center of trade and travel to the holy land, for pilgrimage and for conquest.

The Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca is one, built on the very spot in which the resurrected Lazarus was said to be buried (for the second and final time). Its patron, the emperor Leo IV, ordered the construction of the church after the saint’s remains were transported over to Constantinople – compensation for exhuming these venerated relics.

Not far from this spot is the Larnaca Castle, built during the Middle Ages by the Lusignan king, James I, a French nobleman who ruled in Cyprus. It adopted its present fortifications during the time of ottoman rule, complete with cannons. The British would use it as a prison during the 20th century.

Outside of Limassol on the south coast of the island, we’ll also be visiting the imposing Kolossi Castle, a crusader stronghold built by the medieval francs. English King Richard the Lionheart once dined there, where he remarked on the quality of Cypriot wine, calling it the finest he’d ever tasted. Though of course, our own adventures will be far more child friendly!

Living History through Amazing Adventures

Our philosophy at English Quest is that not all classrooms have four walls, and these excursions are just some of the ways that we’re taking our mission of teaching English into the great outdoors.

Throughout our fascinating trips on this magnificent isle, we’ll be bringing history to life in fun activities that have teamwork at their center. Our pupils will be provided with plenty of time to refine their English skills, as they communicate to solve shared objectives.

We’ll be overseeing an orienteering adventure around the famous Pano Lefkara village, known for its UNESCO recognized method of lace making, and for once being visited by renaissance hero Leonardo Da Vinci.

We’ll be undertaking a supervised scuba course in the sapphire seas surrounding the island, where perhaps some once-lost treasures will be uncovered.

Our pupils will also participate in a two day mountainside experience amongst the historic hills of Cyprus’ center, with their unique forested climate which has inspired many legends about the isle.

Summer Camp in Cyprus! We’ll be playing paintball among the trees, skirting the rock surfaces under the expertise of trained climbers, and taking an exciting hike with a beautiful waterfall tucked away at the trails end.

What Else Does Cyprus Have To Offer Our Students?

All these adventures sound fantastic, but we wouldn’t be enjoying them so much if we didn’t have a solid center to call our home.

Our base camp is at an internationally recognized English school with a modern, purpose built campus 100 meters from our student residences in downtown Larnaca. Our pupils will sleep soundly in 2-3 person dorms, which feature ensuite bathroom facilities.

With both the historic St. Lazarus Church and the Ruins of Kition nearby, we don’t have to go far to uncover fascinating history. We’ll be making the most of the beautiful beach with casual sports activities, and taking a yacht trip out to sea. We’ll also be enjoying a barbecue in the island’s year round sunny weather.

English Summer Camp in Cyprus, We’ve only briefly dived into Cyprus’ history in this article, but with such a rich and storied past to examine, we’d be here all summer, at which point you’ll have missed the chance to book your children into one of our fantastic camps!

We can promise that even the most history-shy pupil will be brought out of their shell by our fascinating activities, so why not check out one of our programs for more information?