3 Reasons to Send My Child to an International Camp in Portugal

Our international camp offer exciting new experiences to young people from around the world, with fascinating sights to see, fantastic adventures to be had, and engaging team building exercises to participate in.

Whichever of our camps you choose, we can guarantee a fun and fruitful experience for your children. And this is all while acquiring essential English language skills that’ll help to boost their schooling and future opportunities.

English quest camp

As a collaboration with the dynamic University of Porto – one of Europe’s best public research universities – we’re offering children aged 11-17 the chance to explore the historic city of Porto (recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as a whole lot more!

Here are three reasons you might send your child on a summer adventure at our fantastic Porto Unicamp.

Developing English Skills (and Other Languages Too!)

English is the most widely spoken language in the world (when factoring in second language speakers), making it a lingua franca for tech, finance, science and a range of other fields.

Picking up another language is a rewarding pursuit in itself, but English has become so prevalent in these areas that it’s a much sought after asset for prospective employers, helping your children get ahead in this ever more interconnected world.

Our course, developed in partnership with the University of Porto, is built around acquiring language in the most exciting and intuitive way possible.

Your children will attend 15 engaging lessons of English a week, but we also encourage communication in English through our various activities and supervised adventures. Plus, they’ll be rewarded with a language course certificate, to verify, and celebrate, their achievements in our international camp.

English quest camp

However, the language learning doesn’t stop there. Being in historic Porto, your children will also be participating in 5 Portuguese lessons every week. This unique romance language stretches far further than just its native Portugal, with over 200 million first language speakers, from Brazil to Macau to the west coast of Africa.

The Chance to Explore the Great Outdoors

Whether they’re toddlers who have just learned to walk, or teenagers spending perhaps too much time on their phones, outdoor play has a raft of benefits for children of all ages.

And while we know kids come in all shapes and sizes, what we will say is that outdoor experiences help us to live healthier lives, become more aware of the natural world around us, and develop essential skills of teamwork and communication.

Our Porto camp offers over 20 fantastic learning activities, including two days of outdoor camping. Our participants will be able to marvel at the beautiful scenery and clear skies of northern Portugal, whilst remaining safe under the careful watch of our friendly staff.

These close connections to nature are invaluable to developing minds, helping them to better understand our ever changing world and their position in it, and why it’s so important to protect what we have around us.

But with all this introspection, we’d never forget the importance of fun – and we’ll also be taking them to the golden sands of Portugal’s amazing coast, where they’ll be able to participate in exciting activities on some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. International camp in these amazing activities that we hope our trips will provide your children with many happy memories to look back on. But while looking to the future is important, we also think it’s valuable for young generations to learn more about the past.

That’s why we’re ready to take full advantage of the exciting city that surrounds our camp’s headquarters at UPORTO, with trips into the immaculately preserved old town, a place that has been inhabited since before the roman era. We’ll also be embarking on a river tour which involves an exciting excursion under Porto’s six stately bridges. Beautiful though it is, we’re not content just to stay within the city. Our complete adventure involves a half day trip to Vila Real, a quaint town to Porto’s north-east, featuring historic villas where some of the country’s most influential inhabitants once lived, and Aveiro – the Venice of northern Portugal – famed for, you guessed it, its gorgeous canals.

And to top off our Portuguese experience, we’ll also be heading to Lisbon, the world renowned capital of this historic country, with its marvellous pastel buildings, busy cobbled streets, monasteries, museums – and two internationally famous football teams. There’s plenty of excitement to be had whatever your child’s interests. It’s just a shame we’re only going for the day!


Vital for growth into a happy, healthy adult is the ability to communicate well with the people around you. To understand how to work together with others for a productive outcome.

These skills are invaluable in every aspect of our lives, and at our camps, they can help children to forge new friendships and explore new interests – as well as achieve linguistic progress more efficiently.

This may seem like a lot to put onto our young teens, but with our well trained staff and emphasis on safety in each of our activities, we hope to provide the perfect environment for your children to do all these things and more at our international camp.

We also absolutely appreciate your child’s right to privacy (our rooms, part of the university accommodation, are spacious, have an ensuite and are separated by gender), but our activities are designed to make even the shyest child come out of their shell, with a profound emphasis on teamwork and togetherness.


We had to pick just three reasons for this post – but we hope in our explanations you’ve learned more about what we have to offer and how it may benefit your child.

Make sure to check out our website to see what might be in store for your child this summer. We can promise it’ll have a lot of fun, a lot of adventure, and a lot of learning.

Our Unicamp Porto – a brilliant, memory making experience for young minds.