What level am I?

After booking your course, you will take the placement test on your first day of school. This will define the level and suitable class for the language course.

What is it like for a first time camper?

Over the years we’ve learned that the best way for campers to make a smooth transition to life away from home is to be busy from morning until night, caught up in a programme that’s dynamic and fun. Some children get absorbed in right away, others take a little more time – but our team are practiced at encouraging children to join in and make friends, making the first-time camper’s experience a fun-filled adventure.

How can a parent contact his/her child?

We recommend to give the children a couple of  days to settle in before contacting them.  Unless it is an emergency and we can help get in touch with the child during anytime of the day.

What should I bring to the Camp?

We’ll send you a packing list once you’ve booked. We recommend you leave iPods, mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops etc. at home as we can’t look after them and they’re not covered by our insurance. Children should bring their own suitable outerwear, such as a light sport suits , footwear and casual clothes, including full-length trousers and t-shirts. We provide all the specialist safety set and equipment needed for our activities. Please see our list of items here.

Can children take their mobile phone to Camp?

They can – but , in case of loss, theft or damage  , we recommend that they don’t. We can’t accept responsibility for phones and they must not be used during activities, meal times or after children have retired for the night.

How safe is the Equipment?

All specialist equipment (conforming to European standards) is supplied by our partners in outdoors activities, as are the approved buoyancy aids and lifejackets, which must be worn for all watersports. At English Quest Camp we are continually updating our safety equipment to reflect current best practices.

Are There any Rules?

Campers are made aware of any camp rules upon arrival and reminded of these where appropriate throughout the stay.

How is the food?

Our students are universally impressed with the quality of food . We believe it is very important for our students to eat well! We try very hard to provide them with plenty of good food because we know how hungry teenagers can get during an intense day!

What I do every day?

In addition to daily language tuition , during the two week stay we will organise lots of sports and other fun activities, which will keep you busy from morning till late evening. Also, you will enjoy such activities as the rock climbing,  hiking and Orienteering Game. At least once you’ll climb to the top of a mountain with amazing views. You will be challenged, but we won’t push you beyond your abilities.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

At the end of your course we will give you an English Quest Language Course certificate which states the type of course you followed and the level of language  you have achieved.

Where will I stay?

We offer accommodation in newly renovated hotel residences , and newly built modern university residences. For more about our accommodation please check the Residences description for each destination in our website. In addition, when we organise outdoor camping  with one night sleep  we use  special , comfortable outdoor camping tents in order for the children to get a complete feeling of outdoors and nature.

What is there to do during afternoon/weekend?

We organize a full leisure and activity programme every day of the week with cultural tours and historical visits as well as lots of sports and exciting outdoor fun, social events in the evenings like BBQ evenings, yacht cruises, Dance parties, Scavenger hunt, Quest and much more. You will continue to speak English outside the classroom while you have fun and socialize with your new friends.

How can I pay?

All payments can be made by bank transfer to our account number as indicated on the booking invoice or you may pay online through our website, using a visa/mastercard  bank card.

Do I need a Visa?

Full details of visa requirements and the latest information, can be found on the website of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

List of Cyprus Embassies and Honorary Consulates Abroad



For more information on which Countries citizens need a visa to Cyprus, please have a look at the link here http://www.mfa.gov.cy/mfa/mfa2006.nsf/All/BCD9E71A8FBBA8DCC225720B001D9AFE?OpenDocument

Visa Application form http://www.mfa.gov.cy/mfa/mfa2006.nsf/All/79D56AAFACC31F32C225720C0022656B/$file/Application%20for%20Visa.pdf?OpenElement

How can I find my way from the airport to camp residences ?

Our representative will meet you upon arrival and will escort you till your accommodation place. At the end of your stay you will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to the airport with the escort of our representative.

For registration of an escort from the airline, upon request, we will provide all the details of the meeting and accompanying person. Please note that this service from the camp has an additional cost, as indicated in the Fees section.

Parents accompanying the child to the place of residence must bring him to the following address:



1, KIMONOS Street, Larnaca, CYPRUS

Hotel Frangiorgio

9, Grigori Afxentiou Street, Larnaca, Cyprus


Rambla del President Lluís Companys, 5
Tarragona 43005


Rua Monte da Estação, 342, 4300-342 Porto,

What type of qualifications does my teacher and activities instructors have?

Our teaching and activities staff are graduates of   universities with a teaching experience of more than 10 years. Our teachers are fully qualified and dedicated teachers of the language they teach and they are kept updated with the latest developments in teaching methodology and students’ requirements by attending seminars organised by external examining boards as well as receiving regular in-house training.

Our activities instructors and supervisors graduated from universities, and have experience working with children for more than 5 years.

In the above questions/answers we try to cover most of the common issues students and their parents would like to clarify before booking a programme.  If any other questions remain please feel free to contact us here.