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English Summer Camp

When children think about learning English, the idea of books, pads, pencils and pens come to mind. And let’s not forget about the homework setting teacher!

Over time, the tools and methods used to learn language has evolved from repeating verb tables to learning rhymes.

Although these traditional ways have been used and proven effective for years, it is proven that learning English in other settings can be absolutely priceless!

Why is this?

Young children learn language naturally and unconsciously. Children who can pick up a second language while they are still young seem to be able to use the same language-learning strategies and steps throughout life, particularly when learning another language.

Learning another language, particularly English, will open opportunities, break down barriers and broaden horizons!

But what if your child doesn’t like the thought of spending their summer studying English?

Well, that’s where we come in! With English Quest Camps, we can help your young ones learn faster by making it fun for them. The benefit of using fun is that fun can make learning English seem easier and faster. Instead of making them focus only on the textbook, we create and offer ways to keep it interesting without any of the nitty gritty hard work and book cramming.

An English summer camp is exactly as it sounds, a summer camp where all communication is in English! And you’ll find that at English Quest camp!

So, what’s the big deal?

Question time…

How many countries are officially English speaking?

  1. 28
  2. 36
  3. 53

Yes! 53 countries are officially English speaking! What does that mean? When you think about it, if your child learns English, they will be given the gift of having more opportunities in life and will be able to choose between options such as where they wish to visit, work or even live!

And who knows, maybe your child will have the prospect of leading an international corporation, bank or business with worldwide companies. Or just being able to communicate freely with people from all over the world, while getting to know their culture and people, and not be ashamed of being unable to hold a simple conversation.

What a truly enriching opportunity!

What are the benefits of going to a English Summer Camp?

Spending quality time at a summer camp – such as English Quest Camp – in a foreign country is a truly unforgettable, enriching and fun experience. And although the idea of sending your children to a different country could be a scary thing to do, there are so many benefits which make this adventure experience one of the best and most unique things to do for young people.

At English Quest Camp, activities are a welcome break from the usual routine of the language class, giving the student a break from grammar study and exam preparation. Games and activities are also motivating and challenging, pushing the student to improve their English in order to beat the quest or challenge of the game. Learning a language requires a great deal of effort, so games help students to make and sustain the effort of learning.

So, keeping these principles in mind, what are some ways that a student will develop their English at English Quest Camps?

  • Speaking and listening – When you think about it, it’s like learning to drive, you have the theory and then the practical, so, when speaking a language, it’s like you are finally able to put into practice the theory! Speaking in English helps to move your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation from the back of your mind to the front and see it in a practical way. If you’re talking to someone and then start to struggle – whether it’s to finish a sentence or understand what on earth they’re saying, it shows you instantly what you do know and what you don’t, and this knowledge can be very motivating indeed.
  • Activities inspire progress – Spending a period of time in an English summer camp in a different country allows young people to enjoy the unique opportunity of learning the English language. Whereas learning English at home or at school is much less exciting than learning in a destination as exotic as Cyprus! Also, playing games or being involved in fun activities helps to give what you learn a context. What does that mean? Well, you aren’t just memorizing a random vocabulary list or completing grammar exercises. You’re using English to communicate with team members, rivals and instructors to win the game! This is a great way to learn English without even realising it!

For young ones, learning English in at English Quest Camp is totally different to the school and academy. Children like camps because they do not see them as a school, but as a place to have maximum fun. English summer camps also appeal to parents because they can combine English learning with the active rest their children need during the summer holiday.

But what if your child can learn English at the local academy throughout the summer, do they really need to go to an international camp?

Why international?

What has always been perceived is that what teenagers love the most about international English summer camps is having the opportunity to meet other students from around the world who turn out to be lifelong friends! The whole experience opens their minds to the world and its’ variety of cultures and music without having to travel to each destination. And one added bonus is that with an international group, students are in a position where in order to progress they have to communicate in their common neutral language, English.

Another benefit of international English summer camps like English Quest Camp is that they encourage students to develop their independence and initiative while increasing their self-esteem, all whilst surrounded by positive vibes!

So, what will your young ones do this summer? What options do they have? There may be several, but what we can say for sure is that a summer spent outdoors, participating in activities, playing games, learning how to develop relationships with not just other students, but students from other cultures and places, all while becoming confident in a language that can only help improve their future skills will be a summer worth waiting for!