Join the International English Adventure of a Lifetime!

Join the International English Adventure of a Lifetime!

Our fantastically fun English summer camps are packed full of interactive learning and (supervised) adventure, with sun soaked locations in Portugal, Cyprus, and Spain.

Your child will be making memories – and potentially lifelong friends – with people from around the world; exploring fascinating cultures and participating in team based activities, whilst learning those vital English skills to give them a step up as they grow older.

We’ve got a lot to offer excitable young minds – so let’s look at just five reasons why you should send your child to an international English camp.

Connect With a Diverse, International Group of Students

Our international summer camp for teenagers accepts boys and girls between the ages of 11-17 from around the world, which naturally results in a diverse cohort year after year.

This is something we’re immensely proud of, not just because we want to help young people learn more about other cultures, but because it necessitates the practicing of English in all our activities.

The quickest way to learn a new language is immersion, and our entire international English camp experience is designed with this principle in mind.

We keep our individual groups small – around 15 students per class – making sure each child gets the attention they deserve. It’s also something that naturally encourages comradery during group activities, and allows them to cultivate essential skills of teamwork, as well as friendships which, thanks to our interconnected world, can ultimately last a lifetime.  

During the camp, however, we do try to limit the use of electronic gadgets to maximize this personal connection.

Learn English from Native Speakers in Fantastically Structured Lessons

We’ve talked about how immersion is vital for picking up English, but our conversation based lessons will also cover the essential rules of grammar and syntax that can help your child communicate like a native speaker.

To reinforce that idea, we only employ native speakers ourselves. Each member of our teaching staff has at least five years or more experience in teaching languages, and a university degree related to that discipline.

We generally structure our lessons in the mornings so our students can stay focused, getting the tricky aspects of language acquisition out the way before they can converse more freely during the day’s activities.

Enjoy Interactive Cultural Activities Designed with English in Mind

An English course in the summer should take full advantage of the outdoors when it comes to learning, which is why we earnestly believe that not all classrooms have four walls.

We’re traveling to places of immense culture and history, of fantastic stories, beautiful architecture and stunning, stretching landscapes.

We want these things to supplement, not distract from our English education, which is why all our cultural activities are designed with English in mind.

Your children will be participating in supervised quests amongst the buildings of historic cities and rolling hills of magnificent natural parks. They’ll be completing treasure hunts in which each clue reveals itself in English – just one in a variety of exciting team activities which are built around English in principle, and encourage communication in English throughout.

Take Part in Terrific Team Games with Students from Around the World

The activities that we offer as a part of our international summer camp experience do vary based on location. This is so we can take full advantage of the particular scenery and unique places around us.

What unites each of them, however, is that they’re always fantastically fun, team based, and allow students to practice their English skills.

Our treasure hunts are just one example of an organized activity, but our camps allow for time in the evenings for casual games which get our students active and necessitate team work.

Other organized activities include abseiling, archery, paintball, zip lining, cave excursions and a whole lot more. While it’s not often that the weather limits such experiences, if it does we have an exciting substitute planned: safety is always our top priority.

If you want to know exactly what activities each of our locations provide, choose a destination from our website, or take a look at one of our brochures, where you’ll find a fully detailed timetable of activities.

Enjoy the Thrill of Adventure with a Supervised Outdoor Camping Experience

Our international summer camp accommodation is always modern, spacious and with full facilities so that our students feel safe and comfortable. But we’re also passionate about the great outdoors, and our supervised camping experiences allow for our pupils to be enchanted by a night spent sleeping under the stars.

Our locations have been chosen with beautiful scenery in mind, be it the stunning Gerês national park in Portugal, the sandy beaches of Tarragona in Spain, or the unique flora and fauna of Cyprus.

Through guided hikes and outdoor adventures, we hope to teach your children about our spellbinding planet, and encourage a lifelong fascination with the natural world. It also makes for fantastic exercise, getting young minds away from their phones and onto their feet.  

But with that in mind – we know the importance of allowing young people plenty of time to unwind. We’ll be enjoying a BBQ and relaxing on the beach.

Everything that we do is designed to give our students enough independence so they can be sociable and cultivate their English skills amongst their peers, but is supervised enough to ensure their safety.

What Else Is There To Enjoy On An international summer camp Adventure Of A Lifetime?

Those are just five reasons why you should send your child on the international English adventure of a lifetime – but we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the activities we have to offer, not to mention the benefits that such unique experiences have for developing minds.

We hope to leave all our students with lifelong memories and essential English skills which will open the door to new opportunities as they get older if this sounds like something that would suit your teenager, then you can book their place in one of our locations on our website.